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Početna / Services



In our arrangement regardless the business is done in our office or Your office through the renting of workers in part-time employment:

  • payments
  • employment contracts
  • registration and deregistration of employees
  • termination of employment, personnel records
  • e-pension and e-health insurance
  • business correspondence

Service contract, fees, etc.

As part of the overall bookkeeping service or if you have a need for payroll in outsourcing:

  • payroll
  • calculation of fees
  • JOPPD form for salaries and other earnings
  • manual or electronic payment orders
  • e-tax

As part of the overall bookkeeping service or if You have a need for VAT calculation in outsourcing:

  • Book of outgoing invoices
  • Book of incoming invoices
  • Electronic Tax Form
  • electronic summary declaration of purchases and sales within the EU
  • e-tax

As part of the overall bookkeeping service, or if You just need help in the preparation of the final account or in concluding the final account – we are here for You.

  • balance sheet
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Tax Balance
  • VAT Book of incoming invoices
  • calculation of membership fees
  • e-tax, e-fina
  • contacts with the auditor and Tax Administration

By taking complete care and organization upon the accounting operations in our office or in Your office through the renting of workers in part-time employment:

  • fixed assets with depreciation calculations
  • Book of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • VAT
  • payroll and other income
  • Postings: incoming and outgoing invoices, account statements, salary and other income, fixed assets and depreciation, travel orders and loco driving, cash register
  • general ledger
  • accounts receivable and suppliers
  • Foreign exchange
  • e-fina, e-tax, e-pension, e-health insurance
  • statistical reports
  • the final bill

The tax and accounting consulting

  • as part of the bookkeeping service
  • according the business consulting contract
  • upon request